Matching Game.



What a fun way to recognize upper and lower case letters. This is a matching activity, if that wasn’t obvious. The students will be able to start identifying that “G” is the ice cream scoop that goes with the “g” cone.

Materials Needed:

Construction Paper – colorful for ice cream and brown for the cones




Laminating Machine (optional)


Cut out the ice cream scoops from the colorful paper and cones from the brown paper. Decorate with other makers or crayons if you would like. If you are planning on creating this matching came to be reusable, at home or in a classroom, I would recommend laminating them for a little extra protection. After laminating add a small piece of brown velcro to the front of the wide end of the cone and on the back of the bottom of the ice cream scoop. And now, you have a matching game for the ABCs!

Appropriate Age Level:

This activity, as explained, is definitely for 1st grade and below. You could very easily make a math game out of this for older grades. You could also put a picture on one side and the word on their other. This is a very easy activity to change around a little bit.

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