How Tall is Your Snowman?



This activity contains art, the student will be painting a snowman. Then incorporating math by finding out how tall their snowman is in cubes. This activity will take a few class periods. I would set aside roughly 30 minutes for the making of the snowman, including clean up time. The next day, or so, have the students cut our their snow man and glue it on to a piece of construction paper with the note. The students can then stack up cubes and figure out how tall their snowman is, and enter it in the space provided. This part of the activity should take around 20 minutes for the students to finish. To add something extra to it, you could have the students compare how tall their snowman is to other students. If you do this, make sure to tell the students their cubes are not for sword fighting.

Materials Needed:

Construction Paper




Pre-printed Note – “My snowman is ________ cubes tall.”

Glue sticks


Paint the snowman onto a piece of construction paper. When that is dry, cut out the snowman and glue it to a different piece of construction paper (another option is to leave it on the same piece of paper, just leave room for the note). Have the students figure out how many cubes tall their snowman is. Then have them write the number in the space provided.

Appropriate Age Level:

This activity is a great hands on activity for Kindergarteners or 1st Graders. It gets them counting, while at the same time doing something fun.

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