When your child or student is learning how to write, they may have trouble with spacing. When I was learning how to write, I was told to put my pinky finger in for appropriate spacing. This way, you can do a unit or just a lesson plan on space, astronauts, etc. and incorporate a writing activity with it, give each student a “spaceman” space maker.

Materials Needed:

Popsicle sticks (enough for your students)

Small pictures of astronauts, no more than an inch wide (picture above)

Laminator machine – optional


Glue (hot glue or Elmer’s glue)


Print out the pictures of the astronauts. Laminate the entire page before cutting them apart (optional, but will last longer this way).
After cutting out the spacemen and women, glue them to the popsicle sticks. And presto, you have a space maker for those beginning writers.

Appropriate Age Level:

I feel most students start learning how to write sentences and phrases around 1st grade. Obviously, these space makers are not needed for the upper grades.

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