Jellyfishing. Jellyfishing. Jellyfishing.



For this activity you could be doing a unit on jellyfish, or just simply be interested in jellyfish. It does not necessarily need to be a classroom project, you can just make them to decorate your classroom. They are fun and colorful, and students would love them.

Materials Needed:

Small Paper Bowls – one for every jellyfish you are planning on making

Watercolor Paints

Watercolor Paint brushes

White and Black Paper


Liquid Adhesive , Hot Glue, or Elmer’s Glue – your choice

Fishing Line

Ribbon – as many different kinds as you would like


Paint the bottom of the bowl with the watercolor paint. Then, cut out the eyes, whatever size you would like, and glue them onto the front of the jellyfish (you can also draw them on with makers). Glue the ribbon to the part of the bowl you have painted (you can stick to using the same color scheme, or have multicolored tentacles). When the the glue has dried, poke two small holes into the top of the bowl to thread the fish line through. Make sure to have the fish line loop underneath the bowl, tie more ribbon to the loop. Now you have cute little jellyfish to add to your lesson.

Appropriate Age Level:

If you are going to have everyone in your classroom make a jellyfish, I would keep this activity to the upper levels (unless you are doing this with “buddies”). Definitely do not use hot glue if you are working with the lower levels.

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