Milk Jug Bird Feeder.



Spring is coming! Birds are here, let’s give them somewhere to make their home! Through this activity we will be making a bird house using a recycled milk jug! This would be an awesome project to do if you are doing a unit on birds! This way the will bring home what they learn in class. You can take your students on a bird watch hike to get some of the materials, such as sticks and leaves. While on the hike, you can have your students do a scavenger hunt of different birds they will find in your area. You can also just do this as a fun family project for the back yard.

Materials Needed:

Scissors – adult will need to do the cutting if you are doing this project with younger children

Hole Punch – optional

Gallon Milk Jug – can have the students each bring one

Paint Brush – enough for everyone, or you can talk about sharing

Green Acrylic Paint – other colors can be used if you prefer

Sticks – a lot, enough for every roof and a perch (can find if you decide to do the hike)

Hot Glue or Adhesive – Elmer’s Glue should work just fine as well

Old Metal Hangers – can have the students each bring one


First you will have to make a big hole a little below the middle of the milk jug with the scissors, again have an adult cut this hole. Then take the hole punch and make a hole right below the larger one. Next, paint the milk jug with the acrylic paint. Once the paint has dried, punch the two holes on top of the milk jug to attach the hanger. Glue the sticks to the “roof” of the bird house and a few around the sides. Attach the perch, and put out in your back or front yard to enjoy.

Appropriate Age Level:

This activity could go with a variety of different ages, heck I might make this for my dad for father’s day and I am 20 years old. I would recommend if you are going to do this with a class of lower level students, have a sixth grade buddy (or a different upper level grade) help out with the project. You could also have upper level students do this for Earth Day (which is coming up soon)!

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