Calm Down Jar.




All students have a hard time concentrating at some point in time during their time in school. The Calm Down Jar is a perfect way to give your students or children a couple minutes to themselves to not think about anything but glitter falling. Not only do they get to waste some energy on vigorously shaking The Calm Down Jar and letting their cares slip away while watching the glitter float to the bottom of the jar. You could even get mini-mason jars so the students could each have one to bring home.

Materials Needed:

One Mason Jar with Lid

One Tablespoon of Glitter Glue PER One Cup of Hot Water

Extra Glitter (a small carton should do).


Figure out how many cups of what will fit into your mason jar, heat them up. Add one tablespoon of glitter glue for every cup of hot water you will be putting in your mason jar. Then add the extra glitter, put the lid on and swirl together. I might suggest super gluing the lid to the jar, just to be safe.

Appropriate Age Level:

I feel that this would work for any level of student. It could even work for us college students and all of you parents who just need to take a second to breath and forget about everything.

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