Popsicle Stick Puzzle.


(Sorry for the pixely picture!)


Make your own puzzle! You can have your students make puzzles having to do with the unit you are working on (i.e. if you are doing a unit on fish have them make a puzzle about fish). When the students are done, you can have them switch and put their classmates puzzles together. This activity would also work really well with pictures, possibly ones the students were able to take.

Materials Needed:

Popsicle Sticks – 10-15 for each student


Markers or Crayons

Masking Tape

Rubber Bands – enough for each student


Lay the popsicle sticks right up against each other on a desk or table and put a piece, or two, of masking tape going the opposite way of the sticks. Flip over, so the tape is not in the way, start sketching out the picture with your pencil. Trace and color in your picture, take off the tape and you have a homemade puzzle. To keep each puzzle together wrap it up with a rubber band to keep organized.

Appropriate Age Level:

I think this specific activity would work really well with the lower and middle elementary levels. I feel they would enjoy making and putting together. I may be fun to work with another class on this, and switch one class’ puzzles for the others.

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