under the sea.



Oh hey, you are doing a unit on sea animals! I have the perfect art activity for you. Have the students make their very own underwater aquarium. It is very easy and looks great on your windows! This could be fun even to do at home to decorate a large window or the back door.

Materials Needed:

Printed/Colorable sea animals, plants, and anything else from the sea

Black Construction Paper

Blue Transparency Paper

Kid-Friendly Scissors

Markers, Crayons, or Colored Pencils

Glue Sticks


The aquariums I saw were about 15in. x 12in. After you get the blue transparency paper cut, cut out small strips of black construction paper (about one inch wide) and glue them around the sides. Have the students color in their under the sea creatures, then cut them out. Make sure when they are gluing the creatures to their aquariums they put the glue on the colored side. This way they will be able to see them the right way when you hang them on the windows.

Appropriate Age Level:

This could be fun for any age level. I actually found this idea at one of the special education rooms I work in. The only thing I would recommend for the younger levels is that you put the aquariums together, this is less cutting for them, but they still get to practice using a scissors.

Found At:

I found this activity in one of the special education I do a practicum in. For her class, she prepared the aquariums ahead of time.


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