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recycled tree art.



Here is a great Earth Day activity for you! Make a tree out of recycled materials! It is fun and everyone’s art will turn out differently and be individual to that specific child or student. What a great way to teach about other ways to recycle things outside the ordinary way of plastics, glass, cardboard, paper, etc. Have fun with this, really try to make it your own and put your own spin on it.

Materials Needed (to make one tree):

One paper towel roll (empty of course)

Recycled greens – cut out of magazines, you could also use real leaves

Paper bag



Cardboard (cut out like a presentation board)

Blue paint and a paint brush


You first start by painting the cardboard (picture has blue, but you can use any color). Then, using your paper towel roll and brown paper bags construct your tree. While that is drying (may want to let it dry over night) find what you are going to use as leaves, whether they are real or just green areas from old magazines. Add quotes to the bottom if you so choose. Let it dry and each student will have their very own tree.

Appropriate Age Level:

This would be a fun activity for 3rd or 4th graders, but you could also use this as a “buddy” project (join with an older or younger class and have them work together) to create art for your school!

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