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homemade puffy paint.



Homemade puffy paint! This would be a fun activity to do when you are talking about the rainbow. You could even incorporate Roy G. Biv (from Reading Rainbow – if you remember that from school). If you are doing a unit on the rain cycle, you could use this activity when you get to what causes a rainbow, or just for fun!


One squeeze bottle for each color – old ketchup bottles would work just perfectly

One Cup Salt

One Cup Flour

One Cup Water

Food Coloring – Tempra Paints works well too

Construction Paper – or whatever paper you would like to use your puffy paint on


Put the salt, flour, water and a good squirt of food coloring into the squeeze bottle. Shake the bottle to mix ingredients, and have fun! I would advise to make this before class, rather than having the class make their own.

Appropriate Age Level:

I think this would be fun to do by myself, but in a school I would say to do it in the middle levels. It would be really fun to with a first or second grade level to do a unit on the rain cycle, then paint one with the puffy paint.

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