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q-tip tree.



This would be a fun activity for fall when the leaves are changing, but you could also do this for spring when trees are blooming. You can do a whole unit on trees or just nature in general. Have your students make up a story about someone with this tree (kind of like The Giving Tree – although this book as been said to be sexist, use discretion).


Enough 8 1/2 by 11 paper (or bigger if you would like)

Paints (I would suggest regular acrylic paint – ask the Art teacher if you don’t have in your classroom)

Lots and Lots of Q-Tips for them to paint the leaves on with

Paint Brush


You can do this one of two possible ways. If you are working with younger students you can paint the tree trunk and outline where the leaves are supposed to go. Or, if you are working with older students you can just let them free hand their tree trunk. Then you take your q-tips, dip in the different colors and let your trees bloom.

Appropriate Age Level:

In my opinion – which is really the only one you get while reading my blog – I would keep this within the lower levels and possibly the middle grades. This could also be a really fun activity in a special education classroom.

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